Courtesy Patrol Procedures


To establish a program that utilizes a combination of equipment and manpower for the purpose of providing building information and assistance to our tenants and their guests while maintaining an environment that is perceived to be safe and convenient.


  • 900 Ashwood has developed a program which provides for an access control system, public monitoring system, life safety system, central control monitoring center and an in-house courtesy staff.
  • The Access Control System consists of building entry control at the various perimeters of the buildings during non-business hours.  During non-building hours, all perimeter doors will be secured and alarmed for egress or ingress. 
  • The Public Area Monitoring System consists of cameras strategically located throughout the public areas of the complex.  These cameras are monitored by the Console 24 hours per day.  At designated perimeter controlled access areas are card readers with intercoms to provide assistance.
  • The Life Safety System consists of a fire command center for monitoring smoke detectors, automatic sprinkler system, smoke control system, standby power system and alarm system.